R.T. Spedizioni  is an organization that combines many years of experience in Forwarding and Transport Field with constant professional development, to  satisfy our customers needing, to the best of our possibilities.


We are specialized in multimodal forwarding (by sea, air and land) , following the continue evolving  , both in terms of regulations and of technical knowledge needed to ensure the high quality service.

Our extreme flexibility allows us not only to act as carriers, but also as true multimodal logistics consultants. This means that we can provide  complete service or assistance in every moment of transport,  from the origin of the goods to the final destination, including  custom operations and each kind of quality or quantity checking.

Flexibility, quickness  and precision are the founding bases of our business. The attention we devote to our customers,  allows us to have an operative relationship with them, helping us to better understand their needs and play an active part in ensuring their company strategies are successful.

We learn the features of your products from you and give you all the advice you need to move its quicky and efficiently. We not only work for you, we provide a team that works with you.

Discover our services and contact us for any information you need. We will answer right away!